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The role of the mold positioning ring

The role of the mold positioning ring The role of the mold positioning ring is to ensure that the position of the gate sleeve of the mold and the nozzle of the injection molding machine are horizontal and completely coincide when the injection molding machine is placed on the mold. Then it is necessary to position …

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To protect your Auto Parts Mould Factory family from ozone

One of your main concerns as a parent raising a baby in the city is your baby’s safety. The city does a wonderful job of offering a wide spectrum of culture and experience that cannot be found anywhere else. However, with that wonderful experience comes a host of possible dangers. This is not meant to …

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A patented variety of Auto Parts Mould Manufacturer

If you are looking at getting wood floors for your home, you should take a look at bamboo flooring.  Not only does it have the warmth and durability of the other wood floors on the market, it is an easily renewable resource as well. Europeans have been using bamboo flooring for many years now, but …

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